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How to Attract Women


Attracting girls is one of the most misunderstood areas of human relationships. This guide will help confused men better understand the dating process.

It could be argued that modern perceptions of male female dynamics, societal pressures, along with skewed media coverage have confused the issue of attraction more than they have illuminated the subject.

The closest most men have come to useful dating advice Moscow Brides is outdated and lame pick-up lines told to them by their friends. There is better and more learned advice available these days, and it is available in abundance on the internet.

A quick examination of the key beliefs of dating gurus would indicate, maybe surprisingly, a consensus of opinion on what attracts women. And this convergence of thought goes against much of what is commonly excepted in society and what most of us read in the media and see on TV every week.

Being successful in the dating market means learning from your mistakes, or even better, the mistakes of others. You can achieve your goals in chatting up girls in pubs, clubs, malls and bus stops if you have a healthy positive attitude and a good understanding of the triggers of attraction in women.

This guide is by no means exhaustive and you will need to do further reading to up your game, but some useful pointers with further reading references are included. Here I am referring to a first date or first approach, although many of the techniques for developing attraction in girls need to be continued indefinitely in relationships and marriage.